Monday, June 8, 2009

TMS @ UCLA Day 6

Settling into a routine. Was a bit tired after getting up at 5am to take Katie to the airport. Took Corin with me to UCLA, in part to check out the equipment and the process, in part to ensure I wouldn't have a problem with a solo drive.

Finished reading a second novel since starting the TMS program. I haven't read two full novels in a week in quite a while. If I finish third one in the near term, it will be by far the best reading performance I've had in a few years. Reading has been a personal barometer for several years now.

I noted the reading progress on the weekly depression inventory. Dr. Cook indicated I scored ~10% improvement from the initial inventory last Monday through today's survey. Although I experienced a dip over the weekend, I'm feeling better after today's treatment.

Went to The Hangover this evening with Corin. It was truly laugh out loud funny, in so many inappropriate ways. Laughter feels very good. I think I enjoyed the movie as much as anyone else in the theater.

Neuronetics has updated their list of TMS providers

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