Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catching up on the last week

Finished American Gods on Thursday night. Stayed up past midnight to finish it. I don't know how many years it has been since I was sufficiently hooked on a book to pull a marathon reading session to completion.

Long, lazy weekend. Amy and I saw The Proposal. Rated funny, in contrast to Year One -- amusing; The Hangover -- hilarious.

Katie and Garrett were in Dallas for the (fencing) Summer Nationals. First time I haven't been at SN since 2002, before Corin first started competing. Refereed 2006-2008. Hope to be back on the North America's Cup circuit refereeing in the new season.

Corin went to Big Bear with friends.

Had homework -- depression mood inventory -- on Tuesday night, after my 25th session. I had started with a score of 39 (high end of moderately depressed). Indicator has been falling throughout the course of the TMS treatment. This week -- 16! A score of 10 or less would be considered remission. Dr. Cook is delighted. I'm pretty happy about it, too.

No side effects to report. No scalp tenderness. No headaches (STILL!). No need for Tylenol or other meds to keep headaches at bay.

Reading Jimmy Buffett's A Salty Piece of Land currently.

Started Eric Garcia's Anonymous Rex during the weekend but didn't really get traction. Still hopeful, though. Copies of Casual Rex and Hot and Sweaty Rex, further adventures of Garcia's velociraptor Sam Spade, have been on the bookshelf for a few years. Corin read and enjoyed the novels.

On Monday it became official, I'm getting older. Went to the ophthalmologist. I'm a little near-sighted in my left eye, a slight regression from my LASIK 14 years ago. My right eye is slightly far-sighted. I'm not ready to start propping menus up on the far side of the table to read them, but I'm probably due for driving glasses. Somehow, although TMS is a veritable cure-all, it doesn't seem likely to address this situation.

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